Backgammon and Other Games Will Soon be Available on Skype

The previous Skype Games have been easy player titles like chess and Backgammon, but on May 18, 2007, Skype is promoting the manufacture of multi-player games.

With a solid user base of 200 million customers, there is a good outlook that the company will make a decent profit with the venture. The management of the Skype Game Channel is handled by EasyBits Software.

The company is based in Norway. Aside from creating the GameXN framework which makes the work of making the existing Skype chess and backgammon games compatible with the new ones, EasyBits software also gives hosting, distribution and marketing of the product.

EasyBits also handles the DRM and sends out the expenses to the developers of the game. An SDK or software development tool box is available for the player.

But by using ActiveX in GameXN, it prohibits the development of the Skype Games to other platforms aside from Windows, even with the versions of Skype matches with the Skype for Windows' extras.

Skype is founded by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, the famed founders file sharing application program Kazaa. Some of Skype's closest competitors are SIP, LAX and H.323. Skype's headquarters are located in Luxembourg with branches in London, Tallinn and Prague.


03 2007

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