The Backgammon Event at the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center

It is very ironic that Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center, which helps individuals resolve problems, is hosting a benefit backgammon event, a skill game that is known for stirring the competitive side of the players. Moonwater, the center's director, states that there is always an amicable middle ground. Moonwater added that you can be competitive and still possess an amicable relationship.

Moonwater said that from her personal experience, sheknows that backgammon feature a well-maintain balance between chance and skill. As time passes by, skill edges out luck, but a person's skill in backgammon can be dismissed by an opponent's luck. Michael Cain, a longtime backgammon enthusiast who is helping organize the event said that people get emotionally involved in the luck aspects.

Both Moonwater and Cain said that new players in backgammon are welcome at the event together with the veteran player. There will be an open event for advance players and a beginner's event for the rest of the field. For backgammon beginners, Cain will show how the game works and will explain the doubling cube to the participants. Players use a doubling cube to improve the points at stake in a backgammon game. Cain said that he is really good with teaching beginners and he just hope that a lot of people will come out to participate in the event.

The game of backgammon is fast becoming a popular online game nowadays but back in the 1970's, it was the IT game for VIP's with the backgammon magazines featuring backgammon loving celebrities like Lucille Ball and tennis player Vitas Gerulaitis. Cain works as a contractor and the proprietor of Pacific Martial Arts, a karate school in Bellingham.

Back in 1970, Cain learned the game from the Seattle Supersonics. Cain participated in high-level events and ran local backgammon events for a few years at some Bellingham eating establishments until the game lost some steam. He hopes that the benefit event on May 30th, 2009 will inspire a new generation of backgammon players. The Dispute Resolution Center already sponsors a yearly cribbage event.

Moonwater, who grew up learning cribbage, backgammon and other board games with her family, states that the Dispute Center is looking for different ways to make fundraising interesting again.


03 2009

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