Backgammon Master Set to Attempt World's Longest Backgammon Dice Roll

On April 1st, 2008, Backgammon Masters has contacted the Guiness World Record officials to bear witness on what should be the longest dice roll in any backgammon event. The record attempting backgammon event will happen on a backgammon event supported by an online gaming operator which will showcase two of the top backgammon players in the world squaring off on a big, 1 acre backgammon board.

The event is held to promote the backgammon freeroll events at Backgammon Masters. The two backgammon players will square from helicopters hovering two hundred-three hundred feet above the 1 acre land which will serve as the Backgammon board. The players will then tosss the dice from their position in the helicopters. The dice, which were specially crafted for the record breaking event are made of inflatable material that will cushion the fall of the dice.

Once the pair of dice have been rolled, the two players will communicate with the field staff with the use of a walkie-talkie. The field staff will then move the 3 foot checker pieces according to the plans of the two players.

Backgammon Masters has collaborated with well-known pilot Quentin Smith in order to look for the best location, fulfill helicopter safety standards and others. The winner of the event will be allowed to keep the custom-made dice worth 1,000 euros. The profits that will be come from the tickets sold for the event will be given to charity.


22 2008

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