Backgammon Masters Attempts To Break the Longest Dice Throw

On April 17th, 2008, online casino site Backgammon Masters is currently preparing to qualify for a spot at the Guinness Book of World Records for accomplishing the longest toss of a backgammon dice. Specially crafted backgammon dice will be tossed on the height of two hundred-three hundred feet from a helicopter into a one acre field that is designed to be the backgammon board for this event.

Backgammon Masters, who also aims to promote their freeroll backgammon events, has already officially applied for a Guinness World Record recognition on the longest dice toss in a game of backgammon. The event will make up for one of the largest backgammon events in the world, especially with the size of the backgammon board, backgammon dice and the pieces use by the player, if not the whole event.

Two well-known backgammon champions will join the event, throwing the pair of dice from the helicopter that is flying above the field. Some employees will be positioned on the field, armed with two-way radios to communicate with the player on the helicopter on what move they want to do in the field.

The dice are made from inflatable material that can withstand any direct impact. The dice are valued at 1,000 euros and the champion of the match can take home the dice. Backgammon Masters has hired Quentin Smith, a famous helicopter pilot to oversee the event. Backgammon Masters will also sell tickets for the event and the proceeds from the sales of the ticket will be donated to charity. Guinness will also oversee the whole event.


05 2008

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