BackgammonMasters Will Soon Offer Poker Tournaments Aside from Backgammon and Blackjack Events

On September 11th, 2008, BackgammonMasters Online added Multiplayer Blackjack events to their Gaming Lobby last week which doubled the traffic to their tournament platform. BackgammonMasters Chief Executive Officer, Jay Ryan said that the addition of the Multiplayer Blackjack events to their gaming platform is a great test for them. He said that they have many more players than they have anticipated and they are very happy that the blackjack event went off without any problems.

Hundreds of blackjack players participated in the blackjack events with each player seated at the tables of up to five players competing against the croupier. Whichever player wins the most at their table will advance to the next stage and until the final winner is declared. Aside from hosting blackjack events and backgammon events, which is also a sure hit among BackgammonMasters' players, the site will soon be offering poker events.

Events at started with Backgammon Freerolls which quickly gained a study following among internet backgammon enthusiasts. The success of these backgammon events created a big demand for blackjack events and later on, the poker events. At any given time, up to six events may be held simultaneously on the gaming platform in addition with the other casino table games and casino slots games.

Multiplayer blackjack and poker events have steadily gained following over the years especially with the release of films like "21" starring Kevin Spacey. The attraction with these games in Hollywood films has hooked up a new generation of young players on the gaming tables, hoping to win it big like on the films.


17 2008

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