BagGames Features Backgammon, Chess and Checkers

On August 9th, 2008, BagGames are the brand new classic board games like checkers, chess and backgammon that are in a bag and are now available at The travel board games are mobile enough that they can go anywhere, the all-in one attached board folds out to turn in a full-sized game. With the debut of the patent pending, one-piece gaming bag and board game combinations of BagGammon, BagChess and BagCheckers, businessman and product manufacturer R. Scott Dotson has solved the problem of anyone that wants to play the three games but they are on a trip.

BagGames fill the difference between standard, full-sized board games (which is unmanageable especially if you will be taking it on a trip) and the numerous compact travel games (cheap imitations). BagGames are easy to pack but compared with other compact travel games, the BagGames contains a full-sized gaming board and gaming pieces. The one-of-a kind design of the BagGame allows for a simple clean up and storage. Players can just fold the cloth board, lift the side of the board and let the game pieces slide into the game bag and the player is done.

Players can bring the BagGames anywhere they go and it fits anywhere from suitcases to backpack. Doston said that the conception of BagGames began on surfing trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica where it is perfect to play backgammon during evenings. But the problem is that they did not bring any backgammon board game because it is just troublesome and no one wants to lug around a huge gaming board during a vacation.

Doston said that they could have brought a miniature version but it is not really enjoyable to play with tiny board pieces. He said that they cannot even find a backgammon board in Tamarindo because backgammon is not well-known in the area. So that is the reason why they have conceptualize the BagGames so that anyone who wants to play these three games like Backgammon can do so even if they are in a vacation.


20 2008

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