Backgammon Blockade Strategy

Backgammon blockade strategy summary points:

  • Blockade strategy is best utilized early in the Backgammon game.
  • The main objective of the Backgammon blockade strategy is to trap your opponent in your home board.
  • Blockade of at least two checkers on four or more points in a row is a prime.
  • Focus on placing two or more checkers on points 5, 4, and 7.

A blockade is a series of points formed by placing your checkers in a manner that prevents your opponent from advancing further. This way you can keep his checkers from escaping your home board. In Backgammon, your opponent cannot move onto a point where two or more checkers stand. Therefore, utilizing the Backgammon blockade strategy can help you stay ahead of the game.

It is most effective to build a blockade early in the game.

A blockade is best created by a prime, which is formed by placing four or more points of at least two checkers in a row.

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The three major points of focus in the creation of your blockade should be 5, 4 and 7. In this Backgammon strategy, the order of your points has great significance. You should begin with point 5, progress to point 4, and complete this structure by placing two or more Backgammon checkers on point 7.

Written by Gary Tenaglia.

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