Backgammon Checker Distribution Strategy

Backgammon checker distribution strategy summary points:

  • Distribute your checkers as evenly as possible.
  • Even checker distribution enables flexibility which enhances your chance of “lucky” rolls of the dice.
  • There is usually no need to place six or more checkers on one point.
  • Try to keep your checkers no more than six pips apart.

The more evenly you distribute your checkers across the board the better.

A player with even checker distribution will have more flexibility to use rolls to his advantage. As a result, the dice will appear to roll in favor of the player who utilizes the Backgammon checker distribution strategy.

For example, regarding the distribution of six checkers, instead of placing four checkers on one point and two checkers on the other, most often it is preferable to have three checkers apiece on two different points.

There is barely any need to have six or more checkers on a single point.

Also, in case any checker needs to be covered, try to keep them no more than six pips apart.

Written by: Gary Tenaglia.

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