ESOB Officials Plans to Hold Four Annual Online Backgammon Championships

It is a new but widely anticipated backgammon event: The ESOB (European Series of Backgammon), which recently announced the first of their planned regular big money cross-continent online backgammon championships. ESOB officials predicted that seventy players will participate in their first online backgammon tournament.

The finals are scheduled on March 28th, 2010. The European Series of Backgammon tournament plans to host four web championships annually, with hopes that they will immediately capture the attention of the world's top backgammon players and offer a 100,000 euros cash pool. The ESOB is also planning to host a yearly European backgammon tour.

ESOB head John Clark said that they feel that with the debut of the ESOB, a lot of opportunities will open up for the backgammon circuit in Europe. He said that they are also hoping that they will be able to quickly compete on even ground with the most well-known offline backgammon events and offer Europe's thousands of backgammon players the chance to win big prizes.

But Clark said that they do not have any plan to destroy the social characteristic of the game because it is an important part of the game's popularity. He added that they are also planning to invite some of the offline backgammon tournament to join the umbrella of the ESOB so that they can market the ESOB as a whole and attract more players to participate in each tournament.


17 2010

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