Gameloft Releases Mobile Games Like Backgammon, Chess

Rival game publishers have a lot to talk about Gameloft, ranging from its large headcount through its utilization of similar engine for their action platform games. But one of the usual questions is over the publisher's goal and why it is launching a lot of mobile games.

On July 11th, 2008, Gameloft's senior Vice President of Publishing Gonzague de Vallois said that they will scale back on the game that they will publish from sixty games to forty games. Vallois explained the reasoning behind the number of their releases, which is still a lot compared with their rivals.

Vallois said that they think that there is a potential for the mass market and they want to be considered a one stop shop. He added that in every class, they want to offer the best game out there but it will mean eighty different classes: chess, backgammon, solitaire and others.

They also want to update each type of games every two years so it only makes sense to release forty mobile games each year. They also believe that there is a great potential with the mobile industry so they want to expand their presence in the market.


04 2008

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