Gameloft Releases New Titles Like Backgammon

On July 11th, 2008, the good thing about iPhone is that there is no publisher that is sure what kind of customer will be buying games for the phone. Will it be avid games that want to buy driving games or RPG's or the casual players who are just looking for some games that will satisfy their curiosity?

Gameloft is placing their money on the latter example-at least with its new titles for the App Store. One of these games is the Chess and Backgammon Classics, which offers the mobile version of the well-known game boards. Both games utilize the one-of-a kind features of the iPhone in their overall gameplay.

In the game of chess, you move the pawns by dragging them and putting them in their designated places with the touchscreen, picking between 2D and 3D orientation of the gaming board. On the game of backgammon, players can shake their iPhone in order to throw the dice. There is also an option for the degree of difficulty.

The games also features a human like artificial intelligence and a wide array of themes to keep the games looking new. The three modes that players can choose from are Instant Play, Quiz and Classic Games. The two games are now available at the Apple Store for 5.99 pounds.


20 2008

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