Hitting and Entering

When a pip, or point, is occupied with only one of the opponent's checkers then that is called a blot (See Picture). If the player moves one of his checkers to the opponent's blot then that is considered a hit. Backgammon rules for hits are as follows:

  • If a player hits his opponent's blot then the opponent's single checker is placed on the bar.
  • The opponent must first enter, or move the checker on the bar back into play through your Home Board before he can do anything else.
  • The opponent will resume play once he has entered his hit checker, but Backgammon rules state that this can only be done if they have an open point corresponding with the roll indicated by the die.
  • If all six points in the inner board are occupied by two or more checkers this is called a prime and the player passes because he has no way of re-entering his hit checker until a point opens up.

Written by: Gary Tenaglia.

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