Jadestone Networks and bwin Improves Gaming Collaboration

On January 5th, 2009, Jadestone Networks happily announced that Bwin Interactive Entertainment became the newest member of the Dice Arena Gaming Network community. Jadestone Networks, which has a based in Sweden, is the owner of Dice Arena, which has been crafted to offer a well-loved suite of game to casino lovers with the help of online gaming operators in the European continent along with the usual lines like leading poker networks.

In development for almost two years, DiceArena features the Dice Holdem and Shoot the Moons dice game. The first game is heavily influenced by the Texas Holdem poker game while the second game is just a new game that DiceArena players can take advantage of and enjoy a new gambling option. Jadestone Networks will further improve their line-up with the addition of backgammon, which is a popular board game and Liar's Dice, bringing its number of gaming offering to four. bwin's co-Chief Executive Officer said that they have great faith on Jadestone's capability because the company always gives an interesting look on familiar games. The current games that Jadestone offers have been one of their most in demand products lately.

Bwin's co-Chief Executive Officer said that they also believe that the new games like backgammon will capture the interest of their players. As for the other casino table games offered by DiceArena, the present market is ready for something innovative and exciting. Jadestone Networks said that DiceArena has the potential to be one of the most in demand gaming products in the future with a substantial number of respected network partners thinking of using the games available in Europe in 23 kinds of languages.

The Business Development Director for Jadestone, Tobias Nissen said that there is no doubt about the fact that bwin has fulfilled a major role in helping Jadestone reached the place that they are in today. Nissen said that bwin had been an excellent partner in all characteristics. He added that it is with great hope and excitement to see bwin expand their collaboration with Jadestone to feature their new DiceArena games.


05 2009

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