The Ladies First Backgammon Event at Play65

online backgammon site Play65 has found an excellent way to encourage female backgammon players without saying that their skills are not as superb as their fellow male backgammon players.

Since November 3rd, 2009, the biggest online backgammon room offers free entry to the weekly 500 euros tournaments to all members of Play65 who are registered as female backgammon players while the male players pay 6 euros entry fees for the chance and pleasure of being surrounded by majority of female backgammon players.

The "Ladies First Backgammon Event" is the very first "ladies tournament" in online backgammon. But while off-line backgammon events usually focus on driving the male players away and keeping the tournament exclusive for female players, Play65 is opening the tournament for members of both sexes, yet female players will enjoy a free entry and the chance to win the five hundred euros prize without paying anything. The situation of female players in backgammon is not very different from female players in chess and poker.

In all games, it is arguable if those separate events are needed and whether this separated tournaments promotes the achievements of female players or actually causes inequality. But technology has contributed to the growth in the number of players not only in backgammon but in other games as well. Play65 said that about forty percent of the active games are women. Play65 spokesman

Caroline Tholman said that the purpose of the Ladies First tournament is to support backgammon players in the circuit. Tholman said that she had talked with some women professional backgammon players and she had heard different opinions about how to promote female players in the field.

Tholman added that some said that they enjoy players with their fellow female backgammon players exclusively while other find it downgrading to be barred from the main event.

Caroline Tholman said that despite the conflicting beliefs, Play65 wanted to create a special backgammon event in which female players would feel at ease without doubting their ability to play with male players.

Tholman said that as long full equality is not reached, women issues will need special dealing and giving their female players a little encourage in the form of a free backgammon tournament is their way to promote that equality.


07 2009

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