Optional Backgammon Rules

There are several different optional Backgammon rules. Before play begins players will decide whether or not they want to play with each individual rule or not.

The Crawford Rule: In match play if one player is one point of winning the match then the next game his losing opponent may not double. Usually the Doubling Cube is removed from the board in this optional Backgammon rule, Crawford.

Automatic Doubles: In single games if both players roll the same number in the stage of deciding who will go first then the Doubling Cube will automatically be placed on the 2 face up indicating that the value point has been doubled.

The Jacoby Rule: In this optional Backgammon rule if neither player has doubled throughout the game then even Gammons and Backgammons are considered single point wins.

Beavers: When one player doubles and the other player accepts the double, and redoubles immediately. With this optional backgammon rule, the player that redoubled stays in control of the Doubling Cube.

Written by: Gary Tenaglia.

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