Play65 Launches Backgammon Site

On September 2nd, 2008, online backgammon website Play65 has debuted their Georgian Platform and came to realize that despite the game's reputation as a war game, Play65 offers peace to conflicted area like the Russian-Georgian border and help people from both sides to come to an agreement, at least when it comes to a backgammon event.

A day after, the 20th backgammon gaming platform of the well-known backgammon site debuted, it hosted a friendly backgammon between two opposing sides: the white checkers of the board were handled by Zaza83, a twenty-nine year old backgammon enthusiast from Tbilisi, while Russian born backgammon player Kirill9009, handled the black checkers of the backgammon board.

Despite losing to his "political" opponent, Zaza83, who had joined the backgammon online site the same day, commented that he was very happy with the chance to talk with the people on the other side of the board while sharing the experience of the game. He said that he has been playing backgammon since he was six years old and he wants to continue playing online backgammon.

A Georgian and Russian player fight it out on the opposite sides of an online backgammon board, does not have to be a start of an ethnical joke or an utopian dream of people who did not bother to learn the recent world news for the last couple of months; it is an everyday reality on the Play65 backgammon online site, which brings together thousands of players all over the world and provides them a good backgammon platform that they can use to communicate while they are playing.


14 2008

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