Play65 Offers Backgammon Arena Event for the Month of February

Play65 is offering gamers the golden opportunity to experience the carefree period of ancient Rome by hosting the Backgammon Arena tournament, which has a cash of more than Euro 4,000 euros that will be equally divided over the top 32 finishers of the event. The champion of the tournament will win a total of Euro 1,200

The Euro 4,000 euros Backgammon Event will take place on February 28th, 2010 at exactly 20:00 GMT. The tradition of the backgammon site to close every month with a backgammon tournament with substantial prize cool continues with the Euro 4,000 Backgammon Arena tournament to close the month of February.

As Play65 close off January 2010 with a $5,000 backgammon tournament, February 2010 will only be close off when a player take home the Euro 1,200 euros 1st place prize. The Euro 45 euros entry cost of the tournament can be won by at the tournament's numerous satellite events, held daily from 18:30 to 21:30 GMT, with an entry fee of Euro 3 euros.

Players can also win a free entry to the Backgammon Arena Tournament satellite events by making a deposit of Euro 100 euros and placing in the coupon code (BGARENA).


02 2010

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