Play65s Weekly Backgammon Quiz

On May 11th, 2008, internet backgammon room Play65 offers their members an additional option to win some money. Backgammon players who do not have the skill to participate on Internet backgammon matches can still practice their backgammon skills at Play65's new Internet backgammon quiz.

Players can win around $20s provided that they give the correct answer. Aside from that there will be a player that can take home a total of $200 in total prizes every quarter. If there are more than one member that will answer the weekly backgammon related question, the winner will be picked in a random draw.

The Play65 Backgammon Quiz, like the standard game of baccarat is a combination of skill and pure luck. But despite being quiz that features a multiple choice option, a player must be familiar with the rules that are use in the game of backgammon, the strategies that are use in the game, the history behind it and some usual facts to pick the best answer from the four available answers.

So this is a good time to dust off your backgammon books to enhance your backgammon knowledge. Interested parties can download the software of the site in a matter of minutes.


19 2008

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