Prime Gamings Prime ScratchCards and Prime Backgammon Shows Good Result for Last Quarter of 2009

Prime ScratchCards' quarterly results show that more than ten million web scratch cards were sold across the European continent during October 2009. This is an excellent performance that shows the solid and fast growth of Prime ScratchCards.

Prime ScratchCards' achievement of selling 10,000,000 scratch cards during is considered to be an exceptional one since the group has not done it before. These results that were released on May 19th, 2010 only show that Prime ScratchCards strongly adapted to the worldwide financial crisis.

By offering customers inexpensive scratch cards and improving payouts, the organization has continued to expand and capture a bigger portion of the European gaming market.

The sale of 10,000 scratch cards in just one month can be seen as a clear indication of the healthy financial state of Prime ScratchCards. This success is because of the excellent quality and the variety of games that are available at the online site of the Prime Gaming.

Gamers know that Prime ScratchCards features some of the best percentage and payouts in the gaming industry and that ensures that they will develop loyalty to the site. Aside from customer loyalty, new players that are registering one the site contribute significantly to the growth of the company.

Prime Gaming is also busy with rolling out new games for 2010. The company also continues to challenge itself to improve on the quality of their old games and continues their tradition of combining high-quality graphics and interesting themes with simplicity of play.

The company's other games, particularly Prime Backgammon, also experienced good results in the past few months due to the increasing popularity of backgammon in the European market.


18 2010
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