The Release of Jadestone's Network Backgammon Platform

It was publicly announced by Jadestone Networks, a Swedish company behind the widely successful GamArena and DiceArena multi-player networks on March 9th, 2009 that it is in the final stages of its preparation to launch their backgammon platform later this year with gamers of PAF, Bwin and NordicBet the first ones to play the game.

Jadestone, which has its headquarters in the Swedish capital of Stockholm revealed that its brand new Backgammon platform would be available in the market this coming spring, following the successful debut of its multiplayer Dice Arena games platform.

The backgammon platform of Jadestone Networks will be initially available in different European markets with a capability of supporting 25 different languages and giving baccarat lovers a well-rounded baccarat experience with heads-up events and backgammon tournaments that complied with the existing backgammon tournament rules and offer gaming operations. It also has an anti-cheating feature that is a standard featured in the games made by Jadestone Networks.

The Business Development Head of Jadestone Networks, Mr. Tobias Nissen said that it is their lifelong ambition to support and give their partners with unquestionable and unparalleled content in an immediate and unfailing manner. Nissen said that their DiceArena platform lets them fulfill their objectives in a robust manner. Nissen added that backgammon is their first game that they will release to their partners without any effort. It is a good development for both sides since their gamers will benefit from it by not being required to make a new username and avatar in every game that they will play.


05 2009

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