The Launch of BagGames by R. Scott Dotson

On September 10th, 2008, the user-friendly BagGames offer games like checkers, chess and backgammon that come in handy bag and are now available at These games are compact enough to carry anywhere and the all-in-one attached board folds out to a full-sized board game.

With the debut of the patent-pending, single piece bag and board game combinations of BagCheckers, BagChess and BagGammon, businessman and developer R. Scott Dotson has finally solve the problem of taking the board games that you like even if you are on the road with your family on your way to a vacation spot but at the same time enjoying these interesting classic board games.

BagGames solve the game between normal sized board games (which is too troublesome to bring along) and the small travel games (unsatisfying imitations). The BagGames can be packed easily but unlike the small travel games, the bag contains a full-sizes board game and game pieces.

BagGames' one-of-a kind design allows for simple clean-up and packing. Just fold the board, lift one side of the board and put the pieces into the gaming bag and you are finished! The BagGames can fit into anywhere-from a small suitcase, backpack and you can even clipped it to your belt.

Dotson said that the conception of BagGames started on surfing vacation to Tamarindo, Costa Rica where the evenings were the perfect time to indulge in backgammon. But the problem was that they did not pack a board game because nobody wants to bring a full-sized board around in their backpacks. They also do not want to bring a small travel version because it is unreliable.

Dotson said that no one had even heard of the game, much less a shop that sells the game. Their only option was to make a makeshift gaming board. They have a found sign company to make the board with their instruction and used colones or the Costa Rican currency for the checkers.


15 2008

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