The Third Season of the World Series of Backgammon

The World Series of Backgammon announced on July 13th, 2009 that it will launch its 3rd season next week with the WSOB Cannes tournament at the Palm Beach Casino. The event, which expects to attract backgammon enthusiasts from all over the world, is the first backgammon in a new season, which also includes tournaments in Prague and London.

To celebrate the state of the new backgammon season, WSOB will also debut its online gaming platform, where registered gamers will be able to participate in heads-up cash action as well as online qualifying events to win slots for live tournament events.

The World Series of Backgammon brand is now exclusively licensed to On a Roll Limited, whose Managing Director Andy Bell was the creator of the World Series of Backgammon concept almost 3 years ago. Andy Bell said that they have come a long way since the start of the backgammon tour. He added that with the help of new partnerships, the new gaming platform will hopefully be a home to thousands of backgammon enthusiasts who are looking for a place to develop their backgammon skills.

The WSOB online gaming platform ( will be live on July 24th, 2009 and presented to backgammon enthusiasts at the Cannes tournament of the WSOB. John Hurst, the champion of the UK Masters said that this online backgammon site is what he has been waiting for a long time. He added that the backgammon platform and the relevant information that can be found on the online site make this a long awaited launch.

The 3rd season of the World Series of Backgammon will again be patterned around 3 championship events and a finale, with stops in Cannes(July 21st, 2009-July 26th, 2009), Prague (September 16th, 2009-September 20th, 2009) and London (October 20th, 2009-October 26th, 2009).

Players will also earn WSOB points by winning events, which contribute to their World Series of Backgammon race standings. The players who have earned the most points at the end of the three stops will qualify for the semi-finals, which are played online.

The winners of those online backgammon events will get 10,000 euros worth seats and qualify for the WSOB championship which will take place at the Loose Cannon Poker Club in London. Players will compete for up to 320,000 euros.

Players can also qualify for the World Series of Backgammon Championship by winning slots online at Other new features of the WSOB Season 3 tour include live web coverage of important matches and larger prize pool.

The brand new WSOB backgammon gaming platform also made the big time backgammon events accessible to players with any size of bankroll. Andy Bell said that the new gaming format has the potential to permit backgammon players to qualify online for as low as three euros and go on to win an entire backgammon series and take home a substantial amount of money. He added that with these developments, he truly believes that backgammon is on its way of becoming a popular game.


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