Uli Koch Prevails Over Rivals at the CasinoRip.com Backgammon Tournament

The CasinoRip.com backgammon event were held on June 7th, 2009 at Doggett's Coat and Badge at Blackfriars Bridge in Southwark. A playing field of one hundred players from the United Kingdom and the European continent battled it out in a game that combines both wits and skill of player to win the title of London Open Backgammon Champion for 2009. It was the first ever backgammon event to take place in the area.

Some three separate events were being offered: championship, casual standard and intermediate level. There were also side-game jackpots, chouettes and blitzes to add spice to the tournament. It was German player Uli Koch who won the championship against Julian Fetterlein in what may considered a close final game. But Koch's triumph did not come as much of a surprise to those keeping a close eye on Koch's outstanding backgammon performances.

For almost forty years, Uli Koch has been polishing his backgammon skills which bear fruit with his triumphed in the CasinoRip.com backgammon event. A total of 12,000 pounds were awarded in the event. Participants from Eastern Europe, US and Asia joined the tournament. Around fifty-six individuals participated in the championship flight and at least thirty players participated in the other two types of the competition.


25 2009

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