The Backgammon Club at the Village of Country Club Hills

Michael Shedroff, a resident of the Village of Country Club Hills said that the skill of the player plays a big part in backgammon. But luck is also a factor in deciding the result of a backgammon game.

Shedroff said that the game of backgammon is a game of dice so although there is a skill factor, the result will be decided with the throw of the dice. Shedroff is working hard to increase membership for the Backgammon Club in their area. The group convenes every Friday at the Chula Vista Recreation Center.

Shedroff said on October 16th, 2009 that what they have now is a social group of four to ten players. He added that he would like the Backgammon to grow up to thirty players for tournament play.

All residents in the area are welcome to attend the sessions and there is no prior experience in the game needed. Shedroff said that a new backgammon player can learn the basics of the game in just twenty minutes. He said that backgammon can also be compared to the game of chess except a chess player needs to use their mind to create strategies in the game.

Shedroff, who took up the game sixty-one years ago as a junior college student and a chess enthusiast, said that he has played against six and seven-year-olds that have done well at the game. He said that you need to use some strategies in backgammon but they usually come as a player sharpens their skills. Maturity means that adult players may enjoy playing the game more than children players.

Village of Country Club Hills resident Mazal Canaan said that backgammon requires a lot of patience. Shedroff said that backgammon dates back about five thousand years ago. The game has been played in Rome and Persia and has gained immense popularity. An accomplished world traveler, Shedroff has played the game or seen backgammon played in the countries he has visited all over the world like the Philippines, Korea, Israel and Germany.

While the rules of the game differ from each country, Villagers who are members of the Backgammon Club follow a set of rules and regulations for consistency. Beginners in the backgammon tend to be conservative at first and then become more aggressive as they gain more experience.

The Backgammon Club convenes 12:00 noon-3:00 p.m. Fridays at Chula Vista Recreation Center. All Villages residents are welcome to participate in the Club's activities regardless of their experience.


03 2009

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