Backgammon Rules

The official Backgammon rules for this board and dice game played by two players. The objective is for each player to attempt to move all of their checkers off of the Backgammon Board or in other words, reach the Bearing Off stage before the opponent can in order to be winner. Backgammon has been considered by many as a game of luck, but if a player has enough skill and understands the game well enough, luck is not a factor.

In this game or race Backgammon rules indicate that each player has 15 checkers and the checkers movement is indicated by the number values of the dice rolled and proceeds in a U-shaped path each in an opposite direction. Backgammon rules include Hits on opponents which creates a more competitive game.

Optional Backgammon rules increase the spice to the game bringing several different variations in Backgammon rules all around the world. Another significant factor in the game is the 1920's invented Backgammon Doubling Cube that is used to keep track of and increase the stakes making significance in the intrigue and strategic measures in Backgammon.

Official Backgammon Rules:

Written by: Gary Tenaglia.

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