Chiva Tafazzoli Praises Jamaican Backgammon Players

On May 20th, 2009, worldwide backgammon head Chiva Tafazzoli is encouraging Jamaicans to learn more about the game and has nothing but praises about vast improvement of the skills of local backgammon players.

Tafazzoli, who is the president of the World Backgammon Association, was recently in Jamaica for the 4th High Stakes Backgammon Championship at the Strawberry Hills where he was looking to defend his crown as event champion. According to Tafazzoli, his actual finish outside of the top 10 at the event is evidence to the improving skill of local players and the increased level of play in Jamaica's only backgammon tournament.

Tafazzoli said that he did not do well as he did last year and other players have been having a better luck with the dice. Despite the positive developments, Tafazzoli, who has been the head of the WBA since 2007, believes that there are still a lot of things that local players should learn if they want to play competitively in the world level.


28 2009

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