Gameloft's Chess Classics and Backgammon Game

On August 16th, 2008, for just $10, you might wonder what benefits you will get with Gameloft's Chess Classics that you do not with other, less expensive games by the iPhone. The answer to that question is quite a bit. Chess Classics does not only offer you the game of chess, but it also gives you backgammon. You also get different capabilities and choices, mini-games and others.

It also has different themes that you can pick from (the themes change the background color and composition of the chess and backgammon board and pieces. When you also picked the 3D graphics, you can modify the camera control to spin or rotate the gaming board and change the angle of the camera. It is an interesting effect that shows the graphics capability of iPhone. The Chess Classics offers players the graphics options between 2D and 3D. Gameloft said that the game can be enjoyed by both beginners and advance players.

The A.I. is terrific but the tutorial games are limited on telling the player where should their chess or backgammon pieces should go. There is also a quiz mode that will also help players learn some of the rules and tips in the game. Players can also compete with their friends that has an iPhone or iPod Touch in a two player mode and enjoy past tournament games in a Classic Mode.

The game also uses a multi-touch interface-you can click and move the pieces around. The addition of the game of backgammon is a good diversion and it improves the value of the Chess Classics. It offers the same capabilities that can be found in the Chess Classics game like the 2 player mode and different activities that can help you test your skills in backgammon.


31 2008

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