Gammonsoft Releases Absolute Backgammon Version 6.1.1 to the Gaming Market

The MacUpdate released on January 1st, 2009 stated that the newest version of the Absolute Backgammon made by Gammonsoft has outstanding features and graphics including a superb voice control option and the skin options. Absolute Backgammon is priced at $25. Players will love its clear sound and graphics and features like 5 various skill levels for an engaging game of backgammon.

The version 6.1.1 of the Absolute backgammon game fully promotes superb game play on different languages like Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and English language and runs well with Leopard and Intel Macs. It also features various board types that can help the backgammon player choose a backgammon board that can fulfill their own preferences. The dice rolls used by the player in the game of Absolute Backgammon can be saved in a file at the start of a new game for backgammon players that want to make sure about the impartiality of the game that they are enjoying.

The statistics that you can access on the Absolute Backgammon game can give players the opportunity to possess more references to examine on which area of their game they should improve on. Gammonsoft has also fixed two recurring problems that fortunately will not bother the gambling experience of the backgammon players.


04 2009

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