Jadestone Networks Announces WSOB Membership to their Backgammon Platform

Jadestone Networks, owner and operator of multiple player gambling networks GamArena and DiceArena announced on July 15th, 2009 that the WSOB (World Series of Backgammon) is joining their brand new backgammon platform. The official debut will be on July 24th, 2009 in Cannes at the World Series of Backgammon live event. Qualifying events for the Prague event will be available from that day.

The backgammon gaming network, built on Jadestone's one-of-a kind DiceArena multiple player gaming platform was launched in June and it already features partners like Nordicbet, PAF and bwin. The WSOB joins in a time of rapid player growth and it will bring with it vital backgammon expertise and a significant base of devoted backgammon enthusiasts.

Robert Henrysson, the Chief Executive Officer of Jadestone said that they have already experienced that backgammon is a very popular game. He said that all of their partners are eager to debut their new version and the number of players in the gaming network have grown since their launched. He added that they want to become the biggest network and to be the first option for devoted backgammon enthusiasts across the European continent and this collaboration with the World Series of Backgammon shows how dedicated they are.

The Managing Director of the World Series of Backgammon, Andy Bell, is also excited about the new collaboration and said that they have been extensively preparing for this online backgammon debut on their WSOB site for quite some time but he thinks that it is worth the wait. He added that the Jadestone backgammon platform is an appropriate solution for them. Bell said that from July 24th, 2009, all backgammon players will be able to play via their online site and qualify for World Series of Backgammon offline tournament in cities like Cannes and Prague and for the championship in London this October 2009 where the expected cash pool will be 300,000 euros.


06 2009

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