Ladbrokes Expands Online Presence By Offering Skill Games

On February 26th, 2009, Ladbrokes is arguably one of the biggest gaming firms in the United Kingdom, managing several hundred high street makers around the country. Nearly every town and city in the UK has either one or more Ladbrokes bookmaker stores which give unparalleled betting service. Like traditional gambling brands, Ladbrokes has now migrated online and now offer games like sports wagering, financial wagers and skill games like the game of backgammon, which is becoming popular with players that are looking for other gaming options other than blackjack and poker.

These gaming products make up a formidable network of sites which regularly attracts large number of visitors on a daily basis. Ladbrokes recently announced their operational revenues after tax, as 211.4 million pounds for 2008, down from 292.1 million pounds in the previous year. These disappointing results were due to the worldwide financial crisis which struck last year. A lot of major businesses groups have struggled, after the economic crunch has forced a cut back in consumer spending power. But Ladbrokes's online gaming operation showed a steady growth, while net gambling revenues for skill games improved twenty percent from 2007.

New members and active player numbers also improved. One of the main reasons for these results was due to an improved number of VIP players. Ladbrokes said that they have always been clear that the frequency of VIP activity is unpredictable and although high-rollers are not as active as 2007, VIP's contributed 80.1 million pounds of profits during 2008, a good source of cash flow. Ladbrokes officials said that they intend on continuing their good performance online and invest more into this improving gaming sector.


22 2009

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