New Backgammon Products from CyberArts

On June 8, 2007, the brand new backgammon product to come from the Cyberarts studios was launched at the GIGSE in Montreal, attracting a good interest among casino operators with its cash play and free play.

The wide array of packages feature the ability to hold schedules and sit and go backgammon tournaments and an array of backgammon games like nackgammon, hypergammon and Chouette play, where several players can play on a single board.

CyberArts Chairman, Ken Arnold, said that Chouette is the most popular and interesting social form of Backgammon and Backgammon enthusiasts have been requesting an online version for years now.

The CyberArts organization was established back in 1995 to make top quality games of skill over the web and has become well-known for their poker software.

CyberArts' first product, GamesGrid Backgammon, quickly became the favorite online choice of top Backgammon players and so it remains.

CyberArts possess a one-of-a kind licensing model that requires licensees to pay a one time licensing cost with no added royalties. After poker was affected by the UIGEA ban, which was passed on October 13, 2007, the playing public began to demand Backgammon and look for other kinds of games to play.


18 2007

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